About us

  BV-VEO Standards Technical Co,. Ltd., abbreviated as BV-VEO. It was formerly known as Hangzhou VEO Standards Technical Co., Ltd. (VEO) which is founded in 2003.
VEO Group’s Member companies Hangzhou World Standards Technical Co., Ltd., Hangzhou VEO Standards Technical Co., Ltd. and Hangzhou VEO Inspection Technical Co., Ltd. sign with Bureau Veritas and set up a Sino-French joint venture, namely BV-VEO Standards Technical Co., Ltd in May 2016.
  BV-VEO devotes itself in fields of automotive, construction machinery, vehicle components, child safety restraint systems, steel materials, electronic and electrical appliances, pressure equipment, etc., to provide one-stop services with market research, testing, homologation, engineering consultancy improvement, and regulatory training.
  Headquartered in France, Bureau Veritas, abbreviated as BV, is the global leader in Testing, inspection and certification (TIC) since 1828. There are subsidiaries and branches in 140 countries, 1,400 offices and laboratories, and 66,500 employees. BV has achieved more than 900 professional qualifications and international accreditations.
  In automotive service field, BV has plentiful laboratories in the world, and acquired Auto Reg and NCC in Brazil, ECL and 7 Layers in Germany. It facilitates tests of EMC, material, environment and reliability and certification services for automotive, components, tires, intelligent wireless systems, etc.
  Headquarter and global branches of BV-VEO have acquired certification, testing authorization and accreditation in multiple countries and regions.
BV-VEO has been the leader in the Gulf GCC certification cooperating with Gulf GSO organization since 2005.
  In 2011, BV-VEO became the Chinese representative of ARAI (Automotive Research Association of India), which provides localized services for Chinese enterprises who intended to enter Indian market.
  In 2012, BV-VEO was authorized by IFBQ in Brazil and became the auditing body of IFBQ in Southeast Asia.
  In 2014, BV-VEO was authorized by EU certification body to develop E/e mark certification in China.
  Every year, BV-VEO keeps exchanging with authorities in more than 30 countries and regions, organizes several industry summit forums in China, and builds a communication platform for domestic enterprises and international organizations and institutions.

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